Green processing is simply the use of the by-product of computer processing for heating.  This means using computer processors to heat buildings and hot water.  Sounds crazy?  It does a bit, until you realize that all of the massive amount of energy used by computer data centers around the world ends up as heat.  Heat the data center operators then have to use huge amounts of more energy just to get rid of into the atmosphere!  Green processing is all about turning the original computer processing energy used into free useful heat where and when it is actually needed, without any need to use yet more energy to remove all that lovely heat just to throw it away!  So, free heating of buildings and water as a by product of computer processing, or free computer processing as a by product of heating, depending on how you want to look at it.  Cool huh!

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At Green Processing we are working on providing one of the worlds largest on demand computer processing resources, available for use by users small and large.  With all of the energy consumed by computer processing being used to heat peoples homes, offices and hot water on demand, Green Processing’s patented technology is the worlds only truly green solution in this space.  As Green Processing heating systems are installed around the world the combined computing resource grows and is available to users anywhere.

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The people who use buildings often need computing resources themselves.  The installation of a Green Processing system doesn’t just have to be based on the provision of an extremely energy efficient compute processing for others, it can also provide its processing resources for local uses as needed too.


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