Put simply, green processing is the use of the by-product of computer processing  for heating.

Domestic and commercial buildings use various forms of heating devices for the space heating of rooms and to provide a hot water supply.  These heating devices are typically designed to convert electricity, gas, oil or other stored energy fuels straight into thermal energy.  In recent years there has been a great deal of focus on increasing the efficiency of these energy conversion processes, mainly through minimizing wastage of the thermal energy.  These efficiency gains are all very laudable, but when you look at heating in this way the most efficient you can ever be is to simply remove all losses of heat. We think much more can be done to improve the efficiency of heating systems, by using the energy for a completely different purpose before it is finally turned into the heat required.

What if the energy used to heat a building and its hot water was also first used to provide the processing required for many of the computationally intensive computing tasks carried out around the world today in energy hungry data centers? It might seem a crazy idea until you realize that all of the energy used for computer processing ends up as heat.  So, all of the energy needed to carry out large computationally intensive processing can be used to also heat buildings and water for free, or, all of the energy needed to heat buildings and water can be used to carry out large computationally intensive processing for free.  Either way you look at it, it’s an incredible improvement in efficiency.

Wouldn’t it be great if data centers could already do this? If we all lived and worked near one we could use their waste heat. But with super fast internet connections to our homes and businesses why shouldn’t the data center come to us? We think that’s a much more sensible idea, and our patented technology is based on this provision of computer processing resources in our homes and businesses, operated on demand so nothing is wasted.  That is green processing, providing computer processing resources as a by-product of the heating process, taking the efficiency and environmentally friendliness of heating to a whole new level.

Our core patented technology is based around the provision of this computer heating resource in a way which works in harmony with modern buildings and heating systems.  In the same way that modern central heating made space and water heating much more efficient and cost effective within buildings towards the end of the 19th century, through the use of a central boiler, green processing technology also works much more efficiently, cost effectively and flexibly through the use of a centralized processing and heating unit.  With heated water output just as for a more traditional boiler, the heat can be used in exactly the same way as for traditional central heating systems.  This means space heating by under floor heating and traditional wall radiators, and also hot water tank heating.  This dual use for both space and water heating also brings with it the advantage that Green Processing heating units can be operated for longer periods of time, heating hot water tanks when the demand for space heating is not present and therefore maximizing the financial investment and processing resource availability.